Wednesday, November 5, 2014


So much has gone on the past (nearly) two months, hence neither of us being able to write until now. A trip to see family in NC, baby showers, appointments, Lane's continued therapy, embarking on a new Bible study with friends, preparing for our little one, and enjoying any precious time we can get continuing to pursue each other.

As far as therapy goes we are loving Lane's new facility, Origami. They are doing everything they can to help  Lane function independently. We are thrilled with the ideas they have given us that will allow Lane to continue to work towards helping with our baby when it's born. We're quickly finding out that things as simple as a Boppy pillow are going to be miracle workers and will assist with the father-child bonding time that Lane and I so desire him to have.

One area that remains the same is Lane's level of muscle tone/spasticity that is not assisting with certain therapy progressions. All of his therapists have talked extensively with us about re addressing the baclofen pump and the huge potential that it could have with allowing the muscle movement that Lane DOES have to be able to take place (and not be overridden by unwanted tone/spacisity). His upper extremities especially tend to be affected by this. November 13th Lane has an appointment with a physiatrist who will be doing a baclofen pump trial via a lumbar puncture to see if he is a candidate for an actual Intrathecal Baclofen Pump. Please join us in praying that if this is something that will help the ITB trial next week will be a success. If it is, we will schedule the insertion of the Baclofen Pump as soon as there is an opening.

A few words to sum up the rest of our lives right now? Beautiful chaos. Beautiful because we are able to take on life together, in our own home. Beautiful because we can take impromptu dates whenever and wherever we want. Beautiful because we get to sleep in the same bed every night. Beautiful because we are preparing together for our precious blessing. Beautiful because we are a skype call away from our NC family and surrounded by our MI family and fellow believers that are supporting, encouraging, and spurring us on in just the ways we need. Beautiful most of all because we rest in the unwavering hope and strength of our Savior. Chaotic? Yes. Having caregivers in our home every morning to prepare for the day and at night to get ready for bed has taken a long time to adjust to. Not understanding why Lane still has so many physical difficulties is so frustrating and confusing at times, for both of us. Not knowing what in the world our lives will look like and what progression will have taken place in as little as 6 months from now can be extremely disheartening. Not being able to be heard 100% of the time when he so desires to talk (because of his weakened diaphragm) is also  understandably a major frustration of  Lane's. The list of these things could go on for a long time. From the honest heart of a wife that so desires to see her husband do the things he once could do physically, there are many nights where I can't get my mind off the negative aspects of a TBI...and why we are having to deal with this.

At one of my showers a couple weekends back I was reminded and encouraged of how we are able to live with hope and peace during times that no one on this earth understands or can explain. And honestly, I can't begin to fathom a moment of this journey apart from this hope and peace. My momma friend that did the devotional at the shower took us to Romans 5:3-5 and reminded me of these beautiful truths. Lane and I can both say without a shadow of doubt that the unexplainable hope that Christ has equipped us with during this time is something we have or could never experience elsewhere in this life.

Yes our life is chaotic and messy and frustrating at times, but if I were to ask you (if you were honest) I know you'd say the same of yours. Such is life on this earth until Christ calls us home. Until then we are clinging to the precious truths that we find in God's word and are ever grateful that in the midst of whatever circumstance He allows in this life, He  remains the same.

We so appreciate your continued prayer in the days to come. We are praying for you today too, dear friends.

Emily (for Lane and Little B too)

Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have access by faith into this grace in which we stand, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God. And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us. Romans 5:1-5

Monday, September 8, 2014

Adaptive Equipment!

Lane and I are becoming quite familiar with adaptive equipment these days. Although its not what we'd ever imagined we would need as we raised our first child, this is life for the time being and we're SO grateful for the grace and strength AND people that God gives us one day and moment at a time. We are daily encouraged and amazed by Lane's therapists at his new facility and are being pointed in tremendous directions as far as child care/adaptive equipment for kids. Lane's OT specifically asked to see our registry the other day so she could help with adding things that will be an extra help for Lane and/or I, and will continue to work on adaptive child care type helps with Lane. So blessed by this woman and encouraged by her knowledge and desire to see Lane and I adapt well to our BIG upcoming change. We can't describe in words how thrilled we are for the birth of our child, but having these people that are cheering us on and helping equip us in these kinds of ways gives us a an extra amount of excitement to take on this beautiful challenge.

We appreciate your continued prayer as we continue to prepare for this incredible blessing!

Check out the newest thing Lane's OT has shown us.....  So cool!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August '14

Hope you are well, dear ones.

We can hardly believe summer is nearly over. The past week has honestly been one of the hottest/most humid here in MI though, so we are very ready for the cooler weather to settle in (and stay awhile:).

The past month has not brought a whole lot of changes, just much of  Lane's continued diligence in therapy, preparation for our baby coming in December, and precious time together whenever we get the chance. Just this week Lane actually began therapy at a new facility in the Lansing area that we are loving so far. All of his therapists seem to be a great fit for him and have new/different approaches that he's been needing. We are so grateful for every and any small or great gain he is making and are SO glad when the therapists take advantage of them and find ways for Lane to be independent with whatever he CAN do. We appreciate your prayer in this specific area. That Lane would continue to make physical progress and that neither of us would lose heart with how long the brain injury healing process can take. But most importantly that our focus would remain on Christ, what only truly matters in this life. Neither of us could honestly describe in words how much Christ has taught us in the areas of contentment and perspective the past 1.5+ years. And we know He's not finished yet!

On another note, we are having a blast getting ready for our precious 'Baby B' that is 22 weeks old today! Our hearts are continuously bursting with excitement and joy as we prepare for and have the privilege of being this child's parents. Just 18ish weeks until we get to meet him or her:)

Further ways you can continue to pray... diligence and peace where God has us now, our walks with Christ and marriage, health/safety of Emily & baby, and Lane's continued health/progress.Thank you! As life continues to move on (and get busier) at this point we plan on keeping our blog updated about every 4-6 weeks.

On Christ the solid rock we STAND,

Lane, Emily, and Little B

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

July Update

We're celebrating 16 weeks of our precious child's life today! December 30th can't come soon enough! We had our monthly OB check up on Friday and everything is going great. Thankfully I've been feeling really good too with minimal nausea/headaches/morning sickness.

Lately Lane has been working really hard on becoming independent with his power wheelchair. They practice it in PT about 3 times a week, as it's one of his biggest goals for the time being (along with his other physical strengthening/standing/taking steps etc). We are so grateful for modern technology, as this is about the 3rd type of power wheelchair (controller) he has tried...and so far it's definitely working the best. It's called the Sip n Puff system, meaning he controls it with a mouth piece. It's may or may not be what he uses long term, but we are grateful and glad for any independence he can have. I am daily encouraged by his diligence and hard work with all they place before him.

Another area Lane has gotten proficient with is his eye gaze computer system. He is not only able to communicate via email/social media etc, but found a way text me while I'm away and is a huge help with online ordering, paying bills etc. With his love for reading and everything being electronic these days he's also able to read some via his computer. As time allows this will also be a way through which he can work (he is currently looking for ideas if y'all know of any part time online jobs).

Hoping you are enjoying your summer, dear friends and family. Thank you for your continued prayer. For Lane's continued physical healing, our ever growing baby, and our walks with Christ and marriage above all.

Pressing on in His strength,

Emily (for Lane and our baby B:)

Thursday, June 26, 2014



So much celebration has gone on in our little household today:) Not only is it Lane's birthday, but today we also celebrate exactly 1.5 years of his precious LIFE since the accident that nearly took it. Praising God that he is with us today!

We also have some incredibly exciting news that will forever change our lives for the better..we'll be welcoming our first child into this world around December 30th! Lane and I are SO thrilled and can't wait to meet this precious blessing. We appreciate your prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery and that Lane's health would continue to remain stable. I've had a wonderful pregnancy thus far with minimal morning sickness and just feel GREAT overall. So grateful for this!

We have SO much to thank our God for today. Mainly for the consistency of who He is regardless of our  uncertainties, but also for the precious gift of LIFE. Lane's 23 years and our precious child that will be born in just 6 months.

My heart is overflowing with JOY tonight!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Summer (part 2:)

 The past several posts I've mentioned how much Lane and I have absolutely loved our summer thus far. As of this past weekend we've been able to spend precious time with both our families. We were able to go to a nearly barrier-free cabin on Lake Otsego in Gaylord, MI over the weekend with our Bargeron family and had a blast (but missed John and Cordia:/). It was filled with eating, boating, fishing, swimming, relaxing and simply catching up.

On the way home Lane and I were able to stop by  Camp Barakel for a couple hours to visit my sister Elizabeth, who is counseling this summer. We were even able to drive down to one of my favorite lake view spots that I LOVED as a camper/part time staff member to show Lane. It was so good to go back to the place I cherished so much growing up (and still do) and to catch up with Elizabeth. As we ran into different staff members we were also reminded of the incredible amount of people we have praying for us at Barakel. We are so thankful for each  one of you!

I've attached pictures below.


                                                                       Otsego Lake....

                                                   There was much sand castle building...
And father-son time...
                                                            And one fish was caught (ish) :)

                                                      Mom and Dad B with Lane and I


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Life at Home:)

It's been awhile... but as I've said before, that's usually a good thing on our end. We are loving actually being able to do some summer-ish things this year, as Lane is (happily) out of inpatient facilities. I was looking back in my journal the other day and reminded that in just two days it will have been a full year since Lane's skull flap replacement (cranioplasty)! It honestly seems that its been years by now. Praising God that no infection of the flap occurred (always a risk) and that it's continued to heal so well.

Therapy wise Lane is continuing to diligently press on, he goes about 3 hours a day 5 days a week with an attendant caregiver so I can stay at home and do my "wifey" things like cooking/resting/cleaning (which I truly do love:) or work. We haven't mentioned them a whole lot on this blog, but we are so grateful for the 2 caregivers that we have hired (through an agency, Neurocare) to assist us every weekday morning/ some evenings. They are able to assist Lane in getting ready for the day and with home therapy type things while I do other things around the house, run errands, or simply sit down with a book and coffee. They also help with cleaning so Lane and I can do more together (like reading/ devos together) even while they are here. It was something that Lane and I (understandably) didn't want at first and had to get used to, but as we take on this season we've learned to gladly accept small blessings such as these that allow us to live as normally as possible within our marriage. Because Lane's doctor has ordered him to have 24/7 attendant care, I am also able to be with him 12-15 hours a day/night, ALONE...while being paid, which is another incredible blessing. So ultimately I don't have to work full time outside the home, which is wonderful. Something we are both tremendously grateful for in this season. Of course when/if Lane is able to take on a job eventually we will very gladly transition to that way of life once again, but we're learning to be thankful for the many ways our God is providing for us today.

Thank you, once again, for your constant faithfulness in prayer. Please don't cease. Along with Lane's continued healing, pray for steadfastness in our witness for Christ and desire to know Him, above all.


 Emily (for my dear husband)

PS. As I write this Lane just finished up his weekly massage therapy session. So far it has been a WONDERFUL thing for him, allowing him to sleep better at night and relaxing his tight muscles. Another blessing!

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Summer weather is HERE at last!! Lane and I have absolutely loved taking daily walks outside and relaxing, reading, or grilling on our porch. We really do love our apartment/townhome complex. There are many young families, college students, and elderly couples.

As far as therapy/ health updates, nothing has really changed in a negative way, which we are very grateful for. Lane continues to press on in his therapy every day and many afternoons a week we spend attending various appointments or simply getting any time we can just together. He's been seizure free for over a month now! We're continuing to research HBOT therapy, which we may end up able to do right here in Lansing. We're very glad for some of Lane's current physicians/ case managers that are willing to support us in some alternative treatment modalities. If it's not invasive or harmful and we can afford it, we certainly won't regret having tried it down the road. Continuing to rest and trust in our good and faithful Creator's timing as we take on every day. Some days are much harder than others, but we sure can't begin to fathom how much harder the trials of this life would be apart from Christ.

Praying that you too will look to Christ and rest in Him alone today. Ever grateful for your continued prayer,

Emily (for my hard working husband!)

PS Below are some pictures of our Memorial Day weekend with our Davis family:)

                                       Our niece Heidi was teaching us how to "chill" :)

                                                       Uncle Mac and Heidi

                                                      Story time with Heidi and Alice!

                                                            Cousins loving their "walk" time

                                          The same sand  I (emily) built castles in at Heidi's age

                                          Yeah for boat rides that we could ALL participate in!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Pressing on...

It's been a bit since we've blogged...which is probably how it will be now as our lives continue to move on with Lane being much more stable (praise God!). We are learning to take on this new and ever changing normal as a married couple, along with our already very busy lives. We are loving living in our own place and beginning to take on some of our favorite pre accident activities. In fact, Lane had a team meeting with his therapists at Hope last week and this is exactly one of the things we brought up much we look forward to and love doing things (with whatever adaptation needed) we treasured doing together before the accident. Activities OUTSIDE the therapy facility. Some of these things include dates at coffee shops, strolls around MSU, and sitting outside and reading our favorite books aloud. Of course there are many, MANY more things we think of daily that we pray we'll be able to do together again someday that we can't now. We'd appreciate your prayer in this area specifically. That Lane would continue to make HUGE physical improvements but that we'd also learn to be content and make the most of where God has us today.

Since transferring to Lansing for therapy, Lane also has a new Physiatrist (rehab doc) that we LOVE. She is quick to listen to what Lane desires for treatment/therapy, and is willing to look into alternative type treatments if they are indicated for Lane. Yesterday she wrote an order for Lane to start getting regular massage therapy, as well as more botox injections in his arms before we go down the road of the baclofen pump (what we previously considered but wanted to see if his tone changed at all. It has not). If the botox injections don't last long or simply don't relax his muscle the way it needs to, we may reconsider the pump. The way a brain injury can negatively effect muscle tone is incredible. We definitely do NOT want contractures taking place. This is another area where we could use your prayer. Lane gets arm Range of motion twice a day, takes oral baclofen, and wears arm splints, but all of these combined are not helping in the ways they need to or should be. And we don't want to go to high with the oral baclofen because of it's side effects.We've also recently been looking into possible HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) therapy for Lane. Unfortunately it is very expensive and doesn't have a whole lot of evidence for effectiveness with TBI's, but in our research we've come accross some examples where it worked tremendously well for TBI clients. The closest facility with the hospital grade hard chambers (that we would want) is an hour away and we'd need to travel there 5 days a week for 2 months. We are still researching this specific treatment but if you know ANYthing about HBOT (good or bad), please, please let us know.

We'd appreciate prayer also for diligence and perseverance in Lanes home therapy assignments. Of course it'd be easy for us to spend the entire rest of the day after his therapies just taking it easy (which is needed sometimes:), but we have much equipment at home now that will allow him to practice outside therapy, which will make him stronger for his actual sessions.

For your faithful prayer and support we are SO grateful. Have a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, May 4, 2014

2 Years.

Today we celebrate 2 beautiful years of marriage.

It'd honestly be very difficult to sum up the past 24 months in a few sentences, so I thought I'd post some pictures that are worth much more than words. My favorite is the one of our vows (last picture), a frame that we've had in our bedroom  (and hospital rooms:) since we were married. We decided to each write ours out, which has been SO special to look back on, especially during this time that Lane hasn't been able to write.

As you can tell by some of the pictures taken this weekend, Lane is doing much better and has been seizure free since his hospitalization last week (WOOHOO!). We were actually able to be on the panel at the annual West Michigan Brain Injury Symposium this past Thursday, where we answered questions on Lane's specific TBI journey. It was pretty neat. Then we stayed at the same hotel in GR we stayed after our wedding for the rest of the weekend. SO fun.


                                                             First summer married:)


ICU after our accident

1 year anniversary (at Mary Free Bed)

 These two were taken at the WMBIN Symposium this past weekend. It was a privilege to be a voice and encouragement to the health professionals and TBI survivors there. The top is of Lane and I during the Q & A time and the bottom is the MFB advertisement page in the Symposium program.

                                            2 year anniversary at the Holland Tulip Festival!

Gorgeous view from our hotel window

The rest (minus the last) are pics of this past weekend...loving precious time together!

(This one I couldn't not post. So cool)

                        Beautiful flowers from my man:)

Thank you for your continued love, prayer, and support dear family and friends,

Lane and Emily

Friday, April 25, 2014

Peace in the Storm

Wednesday morning I arrived home from a 12 hour shift just long enough to kiss Lane good morning, grab breakfast, and give Lane's oncoming attendant caregiver some specific instructions for the day ahead. Within an hour I was off to an annual employee performance eval for my RN work. Little did I know what would unfold that day, but looking back, I am so glad I didn't.

About 5 minutes from my evaluation being done I felt my phone vibrate several times. Picking it up I saw that it was Lane's caregiver, so as soon as the eval was done I called her back. "Lane just had a seizure and is feeling dizzy and nauseous, she said. I timed it, took his vitals, and ensured nothing was in his mouth like you asked us to do. He says he's feeling ok now but would like to see you as soon as you can get here." Recognizing he was stable, I grabbed a McDonald's coffee on the way home knowing I probably wouldn't want to sleep anytime soon. The rest of the morning Lane's doc just told him to lay low but let them know if anything else went on. Later in the afternoon he began to feel dizzy, nauseous, and simply "cloudy." This lasted for another 3-4 hours so I decided to take him in to Sparrow ER. His symptoms were not a whole lot different than when he had acute kidney failure so I've learned to act quickly. We arrived and got checked in and within minutes he was telling me he felt like he was going to seize again. If anything this got him back to triage and his ER room quicker, thankfully. As soon as the nurse introduced herself to him and I his head/gazed fixed to the left and he began to sweat profusely. His seizure lasted a minute or so, then they transferred him to the bed where they began hooking him up to various monitors and started an IV. When the doctor came in I told him about Lane's recent med change, but also that he'd gone 10 months without having a seizure while on the previous med. Within the last 2 weeks he's had 4 with dizziness and nausea in between. He said he would get blood work as well as a CT and chest X-ray done to rule anything out.

By 11pm we had been told that nothing abnormal was revealed in any of the scans or bloodwork but that they wanted to start him back on his old seizure med and stay the night for monitoring so the MSU neurologists could see him in the AM. Around 11:45p we were in Lane's Neuro step down room, both ready to sleep for days.  After an uneventful night (except the lights being turned on ever 2 hours by the nurse to turn him :(), we were very ready to go home. The neurologists had stopped by and gave us an excellent explanation of why the seizures were occurring and what they wanted Lane to do with his meds from now on. We arrived home around 4p yesterday, physically and mentally worn, but grateful.

Grateful that even though Lane had the 4 seizures, nothing abnormal was causing them. Grateful that the doctors were quick to listen to my concerns and did the CT/blood work. Grateful that Lane's seizure on Wednesday am didn't take place while I was on a 12 hour shift. Grateful that the Neuro docs recognized what's been going on and started him on a (hopefully) more efficient seizure med. Grateful that our NTBI family was quick to understand and reschedule our chapel presentation that was suppose to take place today. Grateful that even though Lane and I have been physically, mentally, and emotionally drained the past few days, Christ alone has sustained us with His peace, grace, and strength that is fully sufficient.

Thank you for your prayer, love, and support dear friends. Please continue.

Encouraged and upheld by our Savior today,

Emily (for Lane too)

"Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." John 14:27

Monday, April 21, 2014

Looking Back and Needed Prayer

As we sat around the dinner table yesterday with our Davis family (we missed you Bargerons!), Lane and I couldn't help but look back at last year's Easter celebration. First of all, he couldn't yet leave Mary Free Bed, so we celebrated there. Secondly, he was on a soft foods diet, so everything he ate had to be within this soft foods category (jello, deviled eggs etc:). He was SO thrilled to be out of the hospital eating meat and regular food yesterday! But what didn't change and never will regardless of our circumstance is the reason we celebrate Easter, the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Yesterday our Pastor at FBC spoke on one of the greatest fears of mankind, death. He spoke from Hebrews 2 and the reason we as believers have no reason to fear death, because our Savior defeated it by His death and conquering of the grave. What a beautiful reminder, as none of us know what our tomorrow holds. We pray that each of you, dear family and friends, know Christ. If not, email us. We'd love to share more about HIM with you (

Update on Lane's therapy/health: Therapy is going great and he is adjusting really well to the Therapy facility here in East Lansing. His sleep is gradually getting a little better since a recent med change, which we are grateful for. There's still lots of room for improvement though.

We are also looking into a possible massage therapy (craniosacral massage) that is suppose to be really helpful for insomnia and fatigue etc, or any TBI's in general. Unfortunately since Lane's seizure med has recently been changed, he's had 2 seizures (the past two Sundays). The first was an absence seizure and the second involved some tremors, both lasting around 35 seconds. His Epileptologist (seizure doctor) knows about both and will be getting back with us today about what she wants us to do. Please join us in praying that no more seizures will occur and that this new med will simply eliminate them. Also that nothing else (change etc) in the brain is causing these seizures.

In just two short weeks we celebrate 2 years of marriage. Can this really be?! Some days we honestly tell each other that it seems we've been married well over 10 years with all that has gone on...but other days we can't hardly believe 2 years have passed by. Lane and I figured out today that since the day we were married he has been in inpatient hospitals/rehab facilities more than the time we've lived at home. On our anniversary (May 4th)  we'll have lived at home for 9 months and 26 days (pre and post accident), while he was in the hospital for 14 months and 2 days. Looking forward to the day our "days together at home" will outnumber inpatient facility days!

 Thank you for your steadfast prayer and support, dear friends. We still so desperately need it.


 Emily (for my hard working champion)

PS. These pictures were taken yesterday, the top is Lane and I with our niece Alice, bottom is our sister in law Jenny with she and Ivans daughter Heidi, Emily's sister Elizabeth, and her friend Faith from college. Middle is Lane with the new son of our good friends, Stephanie and Preston Nichols (Trenton Lane:).

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sleep Study Update (part 2)

Just received Lane's sleep study results! The really good news is that Lane's breathing and oxygen levels are not what is disrupting his sleep. They said it's considered sleep disrupted breathing when the person completely or partially stops breathing 5 times or more an hour during the study and the most Lane did was 0.9/hr. Lane's oxygen levels also averaged 96% and his lowest 02 saturation throughout the night was 92% (on the low end of normal). Like I said, this is wonderful news, but we still have no idea what is causing his lack of sleep. We'll be addressing this with his PCP and physiatrist soon, but our guess is that the culprit is simply his TBI:( His sleep doctor did prescribe a med that is starting to help him sleep deeper, which we're praying continues to work and improve.

We're stoked that the weekend is here after a long week of work and therapy for us both. This spring weather we're starting to have is a HUGE perk too. And this spring we'll actually be able to go outside and enjoy it:) Thanks for your continued prayer and support. It means more than you'll ever know.



"You will keep him in perfect peace who's mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for in YAH, the Lord, is everlasting strength." Isaiah 26:3-4

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sleep Study Update (part 1)

Well our day didn't go exactly as planned yesterday, but we're learning to roll with the punches as Lane would say. We left over 30 minutes early and got stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes on 96 because an over sized load tipped over ahead of us. Big bummer especially with the distance we have to travel to these appointments. By the time we arrived at Saint Mary's the Pulmonary office had closed, thus no pulmonary function test took place:( There was some good that came from this though, as we were able to grab dinner and stop by MFB for a few minutes to see some old Nursing staff friends. As Lane and I ate dinner overlooking the GR skyline at St. Mary's (one of our favorite GR views),  we were reminded once again ALL that God has faithfully done throughout the past 16 months. Just 9 months ago we were overlooking this same view with an IV pole in tow, a heart monitor on Lane's chest, and Lane's CCU nurse behind us in case anything went awry with his acute kidney failure. Even at Lane's sickest moments we tried to get away to this beautiful view and spend precious time in the word---which put every bit of our momentary suffering in perspective.

8 o' clock rolled around and it was time for the sleep study prep to begin. They set Lane up with his leads and by about 10:30p we were both sleeping. Around 5:30a we heard Lane's tech announce overhead that she had successfully kept track of him sleeping over 6 hours. This was honestly the worst part of the night because we had to pack up and leave :/ She also said she wasn't allowed to give us the technical results but it was apparent that he had no/minimal apnea or periods of hypoxia because he didn't need any CPAP/BIPAP devices or supplemental oxygen. Praise God! We'll know the full results in 7-10 days. We are praying the doctor will give us tips or wisdom as to what we can be doing to majorly improve Lane's sleep.

Thanks for praying and have a wonderful Saturday!

Emily (for Lane too)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Sleep Study Tonight

Tonight we are off to Lane's long awaited sleep study.They actually set up his pulmonary function test right before too so we don't have to make separate trips to GR. We are praying we'll receive some answers as to why he has slept horribly since October (when he left Mary Free Bed). We've done everything from switching/adding/taking away meds to changing mattresses to moving therapies around to accessing oxygen levels and eliminating any caffeine and light in the room at night. Unfortunately many brain injuries have a part of the brain effected so their brain simply doesn't shut off or turn on as it used to with their sleep/wake cycle. But wondering why it would've just started in October!?!! His routine/meds were exactly the same at inpatient Hope than they were at MFB. We are both SO ready for a good nights sleep. Recognizing the importance of sleep and how much lack of sleep effects both of us, please join us in prayer for this study and test tonight.

Incredibly grateful that He is our strength when we are weary. Thank you for praying, always.


Monday, March 24, 2014

FAQ's on Michigan's Auto No-Fault Law

Lane and I had the chance to go back to Grand Rapids today. As we got closer we were reminded of a few of the many reasons we are glad to be out of that city. The closer we got the temps dropped and the snow increased:) Yes, we miss the people but not the lake effect weather!

Lane's sleep has continued to be really limited so our first stop today was a consult with a sleep doctor. We had to wait several weeks for this appointment so we were thrilled when the scheduler said he could come in for an April 4th sleep study. Based on Lane's ENT a couple weeks back we know its not an upper airway/breathing problem that's causing him to lose sleep. They've narrowed it down to the possibility of a med (that he's tapering off) or his decreased diaphragm strength, thus needing assistance in the lower airway throughout the night (a BIPAP could assist this). We are praying that the sleep study coming up will give us some definitive answers. The sleep doctor we saw today was also a pulmonologist, and scheduled a pulmonary function test in April to assess his lung function/capability.

Our second stop was a CPAN conference in GR. CPAN is the Coalition Protecting Auto No Fault, an organization that we've found to be incredibly helpful in learning all that is going on with Michigan's recent auto no fault bills. We left with SO much information and are looking forward to addressing some specific things with the legislators in our area, as well as informing friends and family with what they can be doing. Unfortunately we found out the Republican party is the side that is voting most hugely against Michigan's auto no fault. We'd like to encourage YOU to research it more via the CPAN website and read stories of how Michigan's auto no fault has effected thousands. A couple specific FAQ's:

1. Is Michigan's auto insurance so high because of auto no fault?
NO. This is what auto insurance companies may try to tell you but its because Michigan policy holders pay the most in the country for collision coverage (nearly 30% above the national average).

2. So what if the auto no fault is capped at 10 Million (House Bill 4612)? Why "unlimited access" for no fault? A better way to look at this is lifetime injury care. If someone did not need this care they would not need the unlimited access. If the auto no fault law is capped thousands of the most severely injured will be forced to turn to Medicaid to pay for their care. And where would that come from? Taxpayers. You and I.  A recent study done by Public Sector Consultant found that taxpayers could be charged an additional 30 million in Medicaid costs every year if benefits were capped. For example, in Colorado lawmakers eliminated auto no fault and the Medicaid budget skyrocketed more than 205% in less than 5 years! This site has more info on the recently proposed bill and all that it would entail if passed:

3. With Michigan's auto no fault aren't people basically paying twice for health insurance?
None of us know when a serious injury of any kind could take place via an auto accident. Lane or I sure didn't expect this 7 months into our marriage. These serious accidents are what Michigan's auto no fault is for. Many health policies exclude auto accident coverage and limit skilled nursing care to 45 days a year. This would've been about one tenth of what Lane required.  On top of this, most health insurance plans only cover a combination of 60 visits per YEAR for PT, OT and Speech therapies.

4. Why is Michigan the only state with this type of auto insurance?
Unfortunately because of this in many other states families have had to file bankruptcy before Medicaid will pay for their injuries. And the nursing homes have young people surrounded by seniors in order for their family to afford this care. Michigan should ultimately be a model system. Our auto insurance is for drivers and funded by drivers, not other taxpayers.

Just a few answers to the questions we have wondered and have been asked. Please join us in supporting Michigan's Auto No Fault and talking with your legislator about the importance of this system. Or check out

Thanks for your prayers and continued support!

Lane and Emily

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Lane's Voice Update.

Today we went to see an ENT specialist in Detroit. Lane's breath support and vocal quality has been significantly diminished since the injury, so this was something we wanted to investigate. The Otolaryngologist took a video of his vocal chords/ trachea and discovered NO abnormalities! He said it's what non injured vocal chords should look like and was not worried about any obstruction, scar tissue, or collapsing of the trachea because Lane is having no trouble with his normal breathing (or noise). This has left us with one more possibility ruled out, which we are grateful for. The specialist today was pretty certain it has to do with a weak diaphragm (which we had thought because of what improves his voice), so he referred Lane to a Speech therapist that specializes in voice as well as a pulmonologist.

Please pray with us as we look into this and find specific specialists to help Lane in this area. Lane has so much wisdom and so much to say. If you've met him, you know this. When he has to repeat himself several times for those that are listening its discouraging, understandably. Pray for peace, and that we'd find ways to strengthen his vocal volume. It may seem insignificant compared to everything else that has gone on, but I miss singing (belting:) our voices hoarse as we drove down the road...or hearing him sing in the shower...or simply singing songs of worship together. Thankful that his trachea/vocal chords are not what's causing this difficulty.

 The Doctor left us with tremendously happy hearts as he spoke these 7 simple words today.

"Lane, we'll get your voice back again."

Monday, March 3, 2014

Transition (written by Lane)

Well, we no longer live in a hospital or even an inpatient rehab facility. We’re on our own at last, after fourteen incredibly trying months of near-constant supervision, intensive all-day therapy, and institutionalized food. Alone at last, and in a place of our own for the first time since we got married, really. Yet we’re still every day faced with the reality of my injury. There’s an awful lot I want to do, but can’t still. And now I can’t help but remember back to last year when I just knew I would victoriously walk out the doors of Mary Free Bed (the rehab hospital I was at for almost 8 ½ months) carrying my bride in my arms. Then when that didn’t happen, I decided it would be Hope Network where I’d learn to walk again. And now here we are, out of Hope, Free Bed, and any inpatient facilities at all. In our own apartment and I’m still wheelchair-bound with limited arm/hand movement and a largely weak and monotone voice. Emily and I have been experiencing a practically innumerable amount of physical transitions the past fourteen months, which have all been exciting, but we’ve also been experiencing a great deal of spiritual growth, which I think is far more exciting. I suppose I could use the word “transitions” again, but this time in regards to thinking. Because with each big physical transition has also come a significant mental one. As I mentioned, last summer I was just convinced I’d be healed before the year’s end. So much so that I couldn't stand the thought of this injury taking more than a few months to heal. I couldn't bear hearing stories of people with TBis who were five, eight, ten or even thirty years out from their initial traumas and still weren’t totally back to the way they had been pre-injury. In fact, that thought bothered me so much that I would cringe whenever it was brought up. But over time, I’ve become convinced through the undeniable evidence that this is most likely going to be the case for me as well. And over time, I’ve become convinced through God’s objectively true Word that this likelihood is quite alright.  There’s a whole mess of truth in the Bible to convince me of this. For starters, there’s James 1:2-4, which basically tells Christians to think of difficult situations with joy because the trying and testing of our faith produces patience/endurance. And as Christians allow patience to work in our lives, it matures us(I realize the version in that link says "make you perfect", but the Greek  translated "perfect" essentially means "mature"). So based on that passage, I know and am fully confident that, if I allow Him, God’s going to use this trial/test in my life (for however long He desires) to mature me and make me more like Christ Himself! A similar truth is found in Romans 5:1-4. Essentially, Paul is saying here that one of the extraordinary benefits of entering into a personal relationship with God through faith alone in Jesus Christ alone is that when you do, you not only have objective peace with God, you can also rejoice in suffering! What a paradox this is, joy in trials, rejoicing in suffering. Yet it’s objectively true, and one of the countless things in the Christian life that literally are only possible through Christ (Philippians 4:13). So, this post more or less sums up the mental transition Em and I’ve been going through this year. Not because we’re great people or super-Christians, but simply because we know God intimately through His Son Jesus Christ, and believe all His words are true regardless of our earthly circumstances.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

God knows, we will trust.

As the days grow closer to us leaving hospital/rehab life there are many aspects that THRILL us, but some that are incredibly daunting.
Today we met with Lane's case manager and are so grateful for her wisdom and desire to be our advocate in ways we simply wouldn't know where to start. The area of auto nof fault has been a tremendous blessing up until now (and will continue to be). Based on a recent Supreme Court case though they've been buckling down in a lot of areas, one of these things being vehicles. Our case manager said insurance will pay for all medical/therapy related transportation, but will not pay for a vehicle otherwise except the parts that are necessary for Lane's mobility (lift/ramp etc). So she said it'd probably be wise rather than us paying $2,500/month for a rental vehicle, to save to eventually buy a ramp van. We've learned to question aspects of insurance when we are able, but recognize when its an area that the law simply will allow no exceptions. Unfortunately this 'vehicle' area is becoming one of them. As a young married couple we drove a relatively cheep, small dodge. We didn't have to buy a bigger vehicle that had to accommodate a lift or ramp to go out and enjoy anything to do with life outside the hospital. But this is what is before us, and because it's our desire for Lane to have as much independence as possible in his power chair (which requires a vehicle with a ramp), this is what we are going to save for and most likely purchase eventually. The most frightening aspect of this endeavor  is obviously the cost, averaging 40-60 thousand dollars for a relatively new accessible ramp van. The second most daunting aspect is until we buy or rent one, we'll depend on other transportation to get us around for everything  (we are so ready & desire to be independent in this area). So we're praying that this week Lane's auto insurance will ultimately see the astronomical prices of the medical transportation and simply provide us with a rental van for the time being (which would be saving them SO much money) so that we can save in this area to buy one eventually.
Will you join us in this prayer? Also pray that we'll have peace regardless of the outcome, and that we'd trust the One who's faithfully gone before us every step of this journey. He alone knows our needs, fears, and desires, but also has what's best in mind.
God knows, we will trust.
Thank you for joining us prayer this week, and for your ongoing encouragement and support. It means so much to us.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ramp Van

It's hard to believe all that will be coming to an end just next week. After 14 moths of  sleeping in separate beds (except recent weekends), 14 months of eating institutionalized cafeteria food, 14 months of  walking out of lanes room and being surrounded by strangers, 14 months of  depending on others for Lanes transportation (which has been a huge area of trust for me), we are so grateful to be moving on. I say these things simply because we absolutely thrilled to begin the opposite, not that we haven't been thankful for the food, transportation, and beds provided.

Speaking of transportation, please pray for us as we wait for insurance to provide the necessary vehicle to daily transport Lane (with his power chair). They are obligated to provide transportation to all medical appointments/therapies, but sometimes won't provide a vehicle/rental for our recreational use until they see how astronomical the bills are for  medical transportation. We are hoping and praying they'll see the amounts presented by our case manager and just get us the rental right away. Otherwise we'll depend on others to help with recreational type activities and it simply will be harder to get out (until they agree to provide a rental or purchases ramp van) alone. We appreciate your prayers in this seemingly small but BIG request. We are so thrilled that we'll be in a place of our own, but one of our favorite things is to travel together and explore the city..... restaurants, shops, parks, libraries and museums where we are living.

So grateful to be taking on another day at my courageous man's side,


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We are going HOME!

My heart is simply bursting with thankfulness as I think about the days and weeks we have before us. Two weeks from tomorrow  (Feb. 27th) Lane will officially discharge from inpatient therapy here at Hope, and the day after we  will move into our first home post accident. Yesterday Lane and I signed the lease for the apartment we will be moving into. After weeks of searching for an apartment with an actual roll in shower, we found one that is perfect. The area is beautiful, close to where he'll be doing outpatient therapy, and we'll have plenty of space for Lane's extra therapy equipment. It will actually be our first 'home' outside college married housing (besides our weekend home/apartment at my parents, which has been a huge blessing).

I've been dreaming the past couple days of being able to set up our home as a wife once again. The other day I told my mom that it honestly feels like the first time because its been so long. Being able to cook for Lane, decorate, play music all day, and clean....yes, I never thought I'd say it, but I miss cleaning our home. My eyes are welling up with tears of joy just thinking about these seemingly small normal aspects of life that we'll be able to experience once again. Oh and did I mention we'll actually be able to sleep in the SAME bed?! Praising God for these blessings that we didn't know we'd ever be able to experience together again on December 26th, 2012.

 I must emphasize that as excited we are to move to our own place once again, we hold these treasures with open arms--- recognizing the brevity of this life and looking most forward to our true, eternal residence. One of the many things God has faithfully taught us this past year. So with our eyes fixed upward we will gratefully take on this next step of this journey, desiring above all to know Christ and make Him known.

Thank you, friends and family, for not ceasing to walk beside us.


PS. 2 years ago today Lane asked me to spend the rest of my life at his side. I am more thankful with each day that I said 'absolutely yes!!' It is such a JOY taking on life, together. In sickness and in health.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pool time!

Quick 'brag on my husband' post. Yesterday lane walked the length of the pool here at Hope 4 times with his physical therapist supporting his trunk! We are so grateful for other options that make the seemingly impossible task of walking a little easier--like the pool:) A HUGE step in the right direction! Praise God.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Moving forward. Celebration. Pressing on!

As we are at our 'weekend home' this weekend we're reminded of what life will be like in just a matter of weeks. It will be a big transition with its challenges for sure, but more than anything we're so ready to begin life together outside inpatient rehab facilities or hospitals once again. I can't begin to express in words how thrilled we are for this next step.

Based on talking with Lane's therapists, social worker, and case manager, they think we are very ready for this step. Lane won't be done with therapy by any means. As of now he plans on doing outpatient rehab at the Lansing Hope Network, but also possibly taking on PT at a more intensive rehab facility specifically for brain injuries and spinal cord injuries in the Grand Blanc area (commuting there a couple times a week).

Last night we were able to tour a few apartments in the Lansing area and are pretty sure we found the one that we are going to be calling home for the next however many months (or years:). It's beautiful, accessible, and close to both our jobs--Lane's therapy and my homecare work. We are SO excited. Early this next week we'll be getting Lane's official discharge date from Hope, depending on some loose ends that need to be tied up. They are guessing 2-3 weeks!

Tomorrow we are celebrating the birthday of  one of our precious nieces, Alice Joy. Remembering with much gratefulness the smiles and joy she brought to us when we first met her last year at Mary Free Bed...and the joy she continues to bring:) I've included a pic of her and Lane around this time last year.

Hope Network recently had a video made in celebration of 50 years. We are just one of the families that has benefited from their incredible work and devotion. Check out the man on the cover:)

We so appreciate your continued love, prayer, and support as we have many transitions ahead.


Alice with her Uncle Lane who was sporting his mustache in March last year:)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The problem of reconciling human suffering with the existence of a God who loves is only  insoluble so long as we attach a trivial meaning to the word 'love', and look on things as if man were the centre of them. Man is not the centre.

C.S Lewis

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Days ahead....

This past week we met with some of Lane's team and had a really good discussion on what's next in Lane's rehab journey. They said they know we don't want to be at Hope forever, and we whole heartedly agreed. Lane has taken on every day of therapy here (as he did at Mary Free Bed) with diligence and perseverance, as he will in outpatient therapy when he is discharged from Hope.  What is not in our hands though is the recovery time that he will need or how far he will physically progress. How do we rest, and find peace or direction in tomorrow or 10 years from now, then, you may ask? Christ. Nothing else. You see, this is the perspective that we have learned is pivotal in times of joy, brokenness, and fear as we've walked this road. It should be a perspective every one of us holds regardless of the circumstance.

At the team meeting they told us they are planning on an April discharge date for Lane. We are SO thrilled to be taking this next step, but we have many decisions and planning ahead. Michigan's No Fault auto insurance has been an incredible HUGE blessing ever since the day the accident took place, but we need your prayer it will continue to be as we look into housing, a lift vehicle etc (which we've heard can a bit more of a process). And if you have the chance to ever talk to your legislator or speak up about the recent Michigan no fault auto hype, please do. Good or bad, it will most likely effect Lane and I the rest of our lives. We never ever would have thought the difference it can make financially in someone who's been in an (severe) auto accident's life before our accident happened. If you don't know about it, google it.

As Lane has been at Hope they've done an excellent job of preparing us for life ahead with his physical disabilities now. Not only with incredible adaptive equipment, but emotionally by having us meet 1on 1 with people who have lived life just as fully and beautifully from a chair. We don't know what lies ahead or how far Lane will progress. We DO know that Lane will daily press on in therapy and we trust our God who has our best [His best] in mind.

We appreciate your continued prayer as we daily continue to learn and desire to grow. Whether its how to take on life as we take the next steps outside Hope inpatient rehab, or in marriage, or most importantly in our relationships with Christ. Thank you for role you've played on this journey. Whether you've stood beside us in prayer, encouraged us via notes or visits, assisted us financially, or simply held our hands or walked with us in the darkest nights. We need you to please continue, however long we are on this road.

Gratefully standing beside my hero as we fix our eyes on Christ,


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Are you frightened by the future?

As I sat in my monthly meeting with Lane's social worker here at Hope, I pondered this question. "Yes, in some ways,"  I immediately replied. To be honest there were more than just a few frightening aspects of our future going through my head. The lack of Lanes major physical gains, me needing to be the main bread winner when just last year one of my greatest desires was to be a stay at home mom and wife, countless medical bills that need to be paid (and hopefully will be paid by Our no fault auto insurance), having to leave Lane in the hands of strangers everyday that I work (strangers that we trust:)...just to list a few. Then I thought some more. The truth of the matter is, we don't even know what tomorrow, or next month will hold. And although we have so many things for which we could very easily worry or be anxious about, it does us no good and only hardens our hearts towards the countless irreplaceable things that Christ desires to teach us in this valley.

So as soon as I told lanes social worker the things that frighten me about the future, I finished by saying "Wait. I can't just sit here and tell you the things that worry us about tomorrow or 10 years from now. I'm sure I could go all day listing those things, as could you. Lane and I have found that we must dwell on what we know is true today and will be tomorrow or in 100 years from now. Christ and his infallible word is our only certainty in this life, regardless of our circumstances. Because we've chosen to hold on to this truth, this accident that in the worlds eyes has taken so much from us, has only been a treasure that Has caused us to cling to this precious truth, the certainty of Christ."

And yes, on many days this is easier said than done. But on the days we are anxious or discontent or upset at why in the world we are where we are today, God quietly and gently reminds us through his word and the Holy Spirit that He is all we need in this fleeting life.

Lord, teach us to look to you for our satisfaction and peace today.


PS. Not sure that I made it evident in this post, but we are SO grateful for the social worker (that I had this convo with) Lane has here at Hope. She is the best he has had by FAR and we are amazed and encouraged at her thoughtfulness and care for us as a couple.

Isaiah 41:10 Fear thou not; for I [am] with thee: be not dismayed; for I [am] thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Philippians 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Sunday, January 19, 2014


"The Lord is the strength of my heart and my portion forever." Psalm 73:26

God's word is a precious breath of fresh air every moment of every day, but the past couple days we've clung to passages like these as we were thrust into hospital mode once again. Lane was discharged from St. Mary's around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, stone free and able to pee. As is common after the surgical removal of a kidney stone, he had some difficulties voiding immediately after the procedure so a catheter was placed on Friday night. Saturday it was removed and they ensured his 'pipes' were working independently before he left. Once we got back to Hope though, he couldn't go again. So his urologist said he needs a catheter again placed for a few more days to allow the urinary tract spasms to subside. So at about 9p last night Lane was very gratefully relieved once again. There is nothing like having a full bladder and not being able to empty it.

Taking it real easy today and spending more precious time together in God's word. Our only true peace, certainty, and hope as our feeble physical bodies are ill or well.

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer. It's been a very long 12+ months of being away from our earthly 'home', but in all honestly its given us a greater perspective and longing for our true residence with Christ.

Resting in the all sufficient arms of our Savior today,


Friday, January 17, 2014

Baclofen trial postponed

After much vomiting, nausea and stomach/flank pain last night, Lane was once again admitted to St. Mary's at about 2 am this morning. They discovered a large kidney stone that needed to pass and decided to admit him for monitoring for 24-48 hours, as his vitals were pretty high throughout the morning. Within a few hours Lane's urologist stopped by and said his stone was so large he recommended getting it removed via ureteroscope and that he could do it within a few hours! Lane decided to go with this removal procedure, which his surgeon said was the smart way to go especially with his history of kidney problems. Within half hour of having the stone removed, his vitals were back to his baseline and are staying there! We are SO grateful that this hospital stay has not been related to infection. We covet your continued prayers though. Join us in praying there will be no further complications and that no further stones will form. And that we'll both get GOOD rest tonight. Neither of us slept until about 4 am today once Lane was 'settled' into his room at the ER.

 Because of all this the baclofen pump trial has been postponed, we'll find out next week until when.

 So grateful to be at my courageous man's today. He has been through so so much.  As lane reminded me once again last night, "God knows, we will trust."


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

One year out of the (Cleveland) ICU

One year ago today I kissed Lane goodbye as he was wheeled onto an ambulance for the last time...we were LEAVING  the Cleveland St. John ICU and headed to MICHIGAN! At that point we still had no idea if or when he would talk, move, or what his level of cognitive function would be. Praising God for all that has taken place this past year!! Below is a portion of my journal entry to Lane that day.

"It's been 20 days since our accident and just over 2 hours ago I waved goodbye to you on your ambulance back to Michigan! Praising God and rejoicing in His hand for where He's brought you since the most frightening night of my life as they were unsure you'd live through brain surgery. Each day since has been a walk of faith for me as I've wept and struggled with why this would happen to us, but God has faithfully held me, strengthened me, and given me peace as I've walked each moment. Yesterday was a huge milestone as you laughed, smiled, and cried for the first time. You laughed at one of your techs, Rosita as she sang to you and called you 'her chalupa:)' Your expression of emotion is a beautiful gift to me. How I long to hear your voice. The trach will hopefully be coming out soon! "

Remembering and rejoicing today,


Sunday, January 12, 2014

ITB Pump trial this Friday!

Lane had a great week of therapy this past week, it had been awhile since he had a full week stretch with Christmas and New Year's. We are SO grateful for the break (emotionally and physically) we were able to have though!

Over this weekend we spent time with Lane's aunt, uncle, and cousin from Nebraska, which was a ton of fun. His Aunt Eve was the one that ran the 40 mile run on her 40th birthday for Lane's continued rehab support . What a wonderful blessing! Last night we also had fun going to "Peter Pan" with some of my family, a production done by Grand Rapids HPA (the homeschool drama group that my sister and brother had been in throughout highschool). Since we were in GR this morning we decided to go to Calvary church, which is conveniently down the road from Hope. We were greatly challenged and encouraged with the worship and message from 1 Peter 3. An extra fun perk was running into old friends (the Malone's) and missionaries from FBC in Saint John's (the Johnsons)!

We are wishing we had about 3 more days to add to this weekend (they are never long enough!!) but are excited to take on another week. A couple prayer points to please keep in mind--

1. Diligence for the road that's before us today and trust in God's good, perfect plan in the days to come.

2. Lane's therapies

3. Emily's job/travel safeties

4. This Friday Lane will have an Intrathecal Baclofen pump trial (injection) to see if the baclofen pump is something that will be of assistance with his increased tone and spasticity. If he reacts positively to this injection (show decreased spasticity that day), we'll go ahead with the pump whenever they can get him in (in a month or so). We are praying he will be able to have it placed, as all his therapists are thinking it will assist with his progression in therapies (at least not having to fight tone to actively move). **The actual ITB pump is a surgically implanted programmable pump that goes directly into the intrathecal space around the spinal cord.

Thank you for praying, always. Have a wonderful week,


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lane and I have been wanting to make the switch from Facebook to more of a blog for awhile now. Why you may ask? Primarily because don't want people to have to have a Facebook account  in order to receive updates, but we're also tired of all the notifications etc that goes along with every post. So this is where we'll be posting any updates from now on, however often (or not so often:) that may be. I'll post it on our FB page but please pass it on to those you may know who may be interested in continuing to hear from/ pray for us. We won't be deleting the FB page for awhile because I want to compile all the posts into a journal eventually.

Thank you for your continued prayer, encouragement, and support as we take on this road one moment at a time.

 Looking to Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith,

lane and emily