Monday, December 5, 2016

New Season, New Opportunity For Growth..

We got our first official stick-to-the-ground snow yesterday (in Mid Michigan at least). Also the first official snow to require shovels and windshield scrapers in order to safely leave our parking lot. Can I just say this is one more huge thing I'm looking forward to not doing (with having a garage) next Winter? Growing up I loved shoveling the driveway, scraping snow off my parents cars etc...but also had 5 siblings that were just as eager & able as I. I don't say this desiring pity on any level, just being honest. Lane too is immensely grateful (probably more than I am) that this task will be taken off my list, yet another thing that he used to do without question. Some nights it's too easy to sit and mentally count what we miss and would do about anything to have back for any amount of time. We know and recognize this is ok and 100% normal as long as it doesn't lead to bitterness, discontent, or lack of trust in God's much grander plan. Will you pray for us in this area tonight? We are so thankful that having a toddler brings a whole new beauty & wonder to this fascinating season, but it's a hard one nonetheless. 

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