Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Faith vs Sight

Had a rough start this morning as one of Lane's caregivers called in sick. We recognize sickness is inevitable, especially this time of the year (we just had the flu on Monday). Some days the reality of what's before us simply hits us harder. My attitude and disappointment for having to cancel whatever I had planned that morning tends to always be worse than Lane's disappointment for not getting 100% of the care he needs (an area I need to grow in, hugely grateful for his example/lead in this way). With family/friends in the area someone is almost always able to watch Nyra so I can focus on Lane, but some days simply getting everything arranged is more of a headache than taking longer as a family would be (sound familiar mom's? ). Another caregiver ended up being able to come in for 2 hours before her classes began this am, so I was able to get Nyra around and run out to get a few things done. On the last stretch of my trip home a Granger truck happened to "appear" in front of me with a verse that God knew I would clearly need today....

"Look to the Lord and HIS strength; seek HIS face always." Psalm 105:4

Why had taking on another day seemed so impossible in my near sighted, dimly lit eyes this morning? I was choosing to only look at the circumstances around me (that certainly can look dim & hopeless to those that  choose to dwell only on the here and now) rather than the unending reserve of the strength of my Lord. He alone desires to meet our complete dependency & weakness with HIS all sufficient strength...if we allow Him to!

The point of this post is not to gain pity but to give you an honest picture of the way some mornings roll and how you can be standing with us in prayer. Will you join us in praying that we'd fix our eyes above as we take on today? So thankful that what's before us is not  only temporary but that we also have the perfect strength or our Lord to equip us for THIS moment. Oh that we'd reckon what's ours in Him! Prayer for consistency with caregivers for our family's sanity & normalcy would be a great thing too😉As I close I'd like to share a quote that Lane recently brought up one of the many times we've discussed how quickly our hope and joy gets sapped as we dwell on our circumstances rather than our Creator. It's a paraphrase of one of our favorite NTBI instructors, Mike Sullivan:

"A walk by sight is focused on self and circumstances, a walk by Faith is focused on Christ and His certain word."


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